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Education and Engagement Specialist

If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you.

Let's be honest, you've probably lost count of all the young people you've worked with who've either dropped out of education, or been excluded. It's no surprise to you that part of the problem is that these vulnerable young people aren't being challenged is a positive way.

One big tunnel and no light.

A good education isn't enough. This is where you come in. Working in the community you face social, domestic and emotional issues which are sometimes so foreign to most of society, and yet this is the reality that a huge number of young people live in. This is their world, and there's no way out… or is there?

So, what's the challenge? For you it's simple. Keep reading and decide what you're going to do next.

For the young person you could work with, the challenges are never ending, but you could help them to see life differently, change their perspective.

Add a little light in that tunnel.

Sure, you'll need to be patient when they don't listen to you, be understanding when they insult and accuse you, and consistent in meeting them again and again.

But look at the long-term effects you could have in their life.

You'll inspire them to believe in themselves, maybe for the first time. You'll help them overcome barriers to learning and give opportunities they would never have thought of. But most importantly, you'll be that one person who never gave up, always believed and challenged them to do the same.

Now it's your challenge. What are you going to do?

Fresh Start in Education Ltd. are looking for individuals with a minimum of 2 years' experience of working with children or young adults in some capacity. You will need to be emotionally resilient, non-judgemental and understanding.

You will need some experience in successfully managing challenging behaviours and an ability to think on your feet and be creative. You'll also need to show your ability to plan lessons, report on your student's development and show an unwavering commitment to safeguarding and child protection as this is central to everything we do.

If you have had experience and/or training in SEN / SEBD / SEMH / Mentoring / Youth Work / Youth Offending Teams / People Referral Units / Primary and Secondary Education / Post 16 Education / Prisons / Inclusion Units / Schools / Academies / Colleges / ASD / MLD / SpLD, then please do get in contact with us or better, APPLY TODAY!

Responsibilities include:
  • To plan and deliver bespoke sessions by utilising assessments and targets provided alongside the student's interests and complex needs
    • Sessions will take place in a suitable learning environment outside of a school setting
    • Sessions will be scheduled between Monday - Friday (term-time) for a duration of 3 - 5 hours/session
  • Document and evidence learning
  • Provide a safe environment for the student
  • Embed safeguarding practices in your work and adhere to all company policies
  • Communicate regularly with your line manager (Education Coordinator)
  • Attend meetings to evidence your student's progression and development (if required)
  • Attend any required training that contributes to the role of an Education Specialist.

Preferable skills:
  • Good communication and listening skills
  • Proficient in writing and speaking English
  • Acceptable computing and web based skills
  • Versatile and creative teaching methods
  • Organisation and administrative skills

Desired Characteristics and Attributes:
  • To have an empathetic and caring nature
  • To be emotionally resilient and non-judgemental
  • To be understanding and honest
  • To convey a person-centred approach to teaching
  • To remain calm under pressure
  • To make calculated decisions in stressful situations
  • To remain professional and represent the Company at all times
We take Safeguarding very seriously and will not put a student’s welfare at risk. Everything we do has safeguarding at the core. We have robust safeguarding, lone working, supervision and observation policies which safeguard all students and staff. We monitor and we encourage all staff and students to inform us of anything that may give them any concern. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind on any grounds whatsoever, nor will we tolerate bullying or harassment of anyone by anyone. We have an accessible Public Interest Disclosure (Whistle Blowing) Policy encouraging anyone involved with the organisation to escalate any problems outside the organisation if they cannot be resolved internally. All our Education Specialists undergo thorough employment and character references upon application as well as an enhanced DBS check.